Live Music

Versatile 14-piece band that performs a variety of music genres, such as Motown, Jazz, Soul, Pop, R&B, Country, Top 40, & more!   

Events include:  

  • Government  
  • Corporate  
  • Anniversaries  
  • Weddings  
  • Birthdays 
  • Themed Events
  • & more!

14-piece band, with over a century in combined experiences in the music industry

We offer …  

  • a one-stop-shop musical experience complete with in-house professional sound system and an award-winning sound engineer, comprehensive stage lighting, event emcee, and LIVE DJ with a single contract! 
  • musicality, versatility, creativity, energy, and the ability to play virtually any song - from yesterday's classics to today's hits - from a variety of music genres  
  • the option to travel anywhere in the U.S. and internationally

Music Production

Enhance your projects by adding... 

  • vocals 
  • drums 
  • percussion 
  • keyboards 
  • guitars 
  • bass 
  • horns (trumpet , saxophone , trombone)

Studio Recording